Lisa Bournelis - Coaching and Public Speaking Engagements
Does your team, business, retreat, or event require empowerment, inspiration or a simple dose of uplifting? If you are interested in having me speak or facilitate at one of your events, contact me at or through Instagram direct message: @makeoneshift

I’d be delighted to hear your requirements.

As an experienced keynote and TEDx speaker, I can address topics related to inspiring transitions when feeling struck, moving through complexity and uncertainty, building generative teams, thriving in change and using structured change management approaches to powerfully achieve your goals.

In our modern world, the pace of change is ever emerging, relentless and complex. I offer affordable, powerful and accountable micro 30 minute coaching sessions, as well as full 60 minute coaching sessions, to help you work through your sticky issues or unsolvable problems. As a certified Human Systems Dynamics practitioner (HSD) and licenced Change Management Professional (ACMP and PROSCI), I provide a unique approach to coaching that combines tools from change management, traditional coaching, and complexity science to empower you to reach your goal or move you through your intractable challenge.

The research tells us that applying structured change approaches can increase our likelihood of achieving our goals by 6 times!1 Why not give it a try? Contact me for a 15 minute consultation of your needs.

Firms meticulously plan their projects, strategic and business outcomes, often forgetting the impact change has on individuals. For this reason, 70% of all change initiatives fail2.

The success of your implementation requires that you to consider the impact a change has on the individuals who have to do their job differently in order for it to succeed.

If you’d like coaching support to develop a change roadmap, change communications plans, facilitation designs, or other tools to move your people through transitions, I am an award-winning practitioner with over 8 years experience to walk you through this process to have you show up as a change champion! Contact me.