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Lisa Bournelis

New Release – Louie and the Dictator

Louie and the Dictator Book Cover

Lisa Bournelis is an internationally proficient change management practitioner working for one of Canada’s largest health authorities. She is one of the first 500 globally certified by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), and is also accredited in PROSCI and Human Systems Dynamics methodologies. Prior to becoming a transformation specialist, Lisa worked as a humanitarian aid worker for the United Nations and several NGOs – serving in the Balkans, in central and east Africa and in Afghanistan. Passionate about leading compassionately through the complexities of change, this blog arose out of a desire to help people become ‘unstuck’ in their own lives, by applying a structured change management approach to achieving their goals.

The fun stuff:

  • Just published her first children’s book!
  • Proud mom to an uber-cool, creative kid, rescue dog and dwarf lop bunny
  • A Taekwondo black belt (Third Dan)


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My Blog

It started with a question hastily scribbled on a post-it note in the midst of the pandemic. What is one thing I’m going to do to change my life today? As a transformation professional, I led employees through complex changes, yet felt cemented when trying to shift patterns that did not serve me in my personal life. From this, the idea of makeoneshift.com was born. What happens if people apply the tools used in structured change management approaches to personal goal setting? Imagine a kaleidoscope. With every shift, a new pattern materializes with endless possibilities. Join me on this journey as I invite you to make one shift every day.

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